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Meet Shannon Coffey, the dedicated Authorized Representative at Notary Babe Shan LLC.


Ensuring accurate I-9 form completion is my commitment. The I-9 form is a crucial tool for employers to verify the legal work authorization of their employees.

Why choose me as your Authorized Representative? My extensive expertise in identity verification and privacy regulations sets me apart. Moreover, my prior career as a Human Resource Specialist has equipped me with the knowledge and experience to handle over 1000

I-9 forms.

Currently, the I-9 form necessitates a face-to-face meeting with the employee. This is where the convenience of a Mobile Notary comes into play. I can meet you at your preferred location, providing a seamless and efficient notarization experience.

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I-9 What?

I-9 services can save businesses time and money by ensuring compliance with the law and preventing potential fines. I-9 services are an essential part of any business that relies on hiring employees. 

  • I-9 services are an essential part of any business that relies on hiring employees

  • The I-9 is a form that all employers must complete for each employee they hire.

  • The purpose of the I-9 is to help employers verify the identity and employment authorization of each person they hire.

  • I-9 services help to ensure that businesses are compliant with the law and that they are hiring eligible workers.

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