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Need Something Notarized, What Is Acceptable ID in Michigan?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

In the Great State of Michigan, there is no getting around it you will need valid ID.

No. A notary may not use an expired driver's license to establish the identity of a signer to provide notary services. The state-issued driver's license must be current and contain a photograph and signature of the signer (source)

VALID (non-expired) ID Examples could be:

  • State-issued driver's license State-issued identification card

  • U.S. passport issued by the U.S. Department of State U.S.

  • Military ID State

  • County and Local government IDs

  • Permanent resident card, or "green card," issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Foreign passport

  • Student ID from: Michigan State University , University of Michigan, Wayne State

**SIDENOTE- In some situations a credible witness can be used. The credible witness must personally be known by the notary public and the personal requesting notarizations of their documents (55.285 Performance of notarial acts; scope; verification.)

Shannon Coffey of Notary Babe Shan has 23 years of experience in Management/Human Resources,10 years in Public Education, and 8 years of experience in banking and financial services. In order to provide the best signing experience, I continue my Notary education regularly staying up to date on my craft as a Professional Notary Public & Notary Signing Agent through Notary Stars, The Notary Business Builder with Notary Coach, The National Notary Association, and The American Society of Notaries.

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